A Campaign For Change

Everyday millions of plastic bags are used and thrown away without a second thought...

 160 000 plastic bags are used per second and tonnes of plastic waste gets dumped into landfills and oceans every year.  Single use items and packaging are some of the biggest threats to the environment, and yet shops and supermarkets still supply plastic bags and people still buy them.

Taking action and creating change

"What the Bag" is a campaign focused on plastic awareness with an emphasis on single use plastic bags.  Reusable cloth shopping bags and produce bags are sewn from old, unused or leftover fabric donated by the local community.  From fabric cut offs lying in your cupboard, old curtains or sheets, cloth advertising banners from companies and even broken parachutes; all this material that would have otherwise gone to waste is repurposed and turned into beautiful, useful, reusable shopping bags. 

No cost

The bags are handed out for free allowing any person the chance to stop, think and change.  In return one pledges to use the bags and reduce (or stop!) their consumption of plastic bags.  Then they must pay it forward by telling others about the campaign and message around plastic - creating a mushroom effect of connected change.


And you, the local supporters of "What the Bag?" who have given kind donations to the cause!
Knysna Rotary Anns

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