My name is Sahara,

I'm an activist, writer, speaker and listener.  I have a deep passion for the Earth and wish to share my message with others to reconnect people to the planet and ultimately to themselves.  

Everything in life is connected

and its time we start seeing that again.  With so many of environmental issues being shrouded in heavy negativity and dominated by a very 'old patriarchal' way of thinking, I want to bring a holistic, wholesome and fresh perspective to this subject,which can be very misinterpreted and avoided by the everyday person as a result of these problems feeling to vast or unrelated to day to day life.

We need to start connecting the dots.

Often we can feel overwhelmed or powerless when looking at global issues, such as climate change, plastic pollution or deforestation.  These problems are huge and it can feel impossible to create any positive change when you are just one single person.  But we need to start realising that our actions do matter and they do have an effect - whether that's a good or bad effect is up to us.  I want to help people to see that we do have the power to create change and it all starts within ourselves and our own lives.

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