What I Offer

The Spoken word...

I offer inspirational, educational, and informational talks covering a wide range of topics, from climate change, pollution, and plastic to the food on our plates, our connection with the Earth and ourselves.  My philosophy is that all these things are connected and nothing in life is independent, one action will always have an impact on something else along the line, and by understanding this we can become wiser about the choices we make in our daily lives. 


Free "What the Bag?" Hand Outs

Do you want to equip your students, employees, staff, colleagues, friends, and family with not just information and motivation but also their very own free set of reusable cloth bags?  I am available for free bag handouts at your school, company, organisation, business or club.  Bag hand outs are usually combined with an engaging educational talk on plastic, waste, our impacts on the planet and tips for making that impact a positive one. Age, interests, background - it doesn't matter who you are or what you like, my talks are tailor-made to fit the audience I am presenting to.  From the little ones to the young at heart, there is something for everyone!  

Going Deeper

Taking it a step further and offering a more wholesome and holistic experience for mind, body and soul, whilst still equipping one with thought-provoking conversation, tips, and hands on action for living a gentler lifestyle in harmony with the planet.  Workshops are done in collaboration with other like minded creators and include things such as yoga and meditation to begin connecting oneself inwardly and outwardly, informational talks, guided walks, as well as "to-do" sessions covering things such as upcycling, composting, gardening, cooking, and DIYs.  Workshops are focused on strengthening our connection with the planet, ourselves, and taking the steps to living a more conscious lifestyle.

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For more information on talks, bag handouts and workshops or to make a booking please contact me.

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