#BagBrag Fundraising Event

Settled beneath the beautiful big milkwood tree in the wonderful Oaks on Main center in Knysna, like minded people came together to help support "What the Bag?", join in on conscious conversation and get very creative with painting their very own "What the Bag?" shopping bags!

Sitting around a long table, drinking freshly pressed juices with reusable straws from the mindful living shop and juice bar The Node, coffees and homemade cakes from the Snobs Cafe, and chatting about plastic free living, the struggles you can face when trying to lower your impact and the tips and changes that can help you along your way, all the while creating pieces of artwork on the "What the Bag?" bags. It was an inspiring morning and the first of many! Once the bags had been painted each person got to take her personalized bag home and start implementing the mindful living tools into their lives to start living more gently on the planet.

"What the Bag?" is in partnership with EpilepsySA Knysna, where the women's skills and development group sew the beautiful cloth bags. The women are, in turn, supported through "What the Bag?", thanks to the campaign's wonderful sponsors which includes YOU, the local community and incredible people who have supported "What the Bag?" thus far!

All the funds raised at the #BagBrag event will go straight into supporting the women from EpilepsySA Knysna to sew the bags to reach the campaign's goal of 2020 bags in 2020.

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