GreenPop, Eden FOA and Being an Ambassador?!

Hello guys, today I'm very happy to be sharing an organisation and event with you that I absolutely love and am super excited to be working with as an ambassador and member of crew this year! GreenPop is an amazing organisation founded by Misha Teasdale (listen to our podcast episode) that focuses on regeneration, tree planting and activating people to become proactive for the environment.

If you're feeling anxious about the state of our planet and what the future holds then GreenPop's Eden Festival of Action (FOA) is what you need!

How It Started

In 2017 and 2018 raging fires swept through the Garden Route area in the Western Cape. The fires were devastating and the largest the area had seen for generations. They resulted in over 80,000 hectares of burned and destructed land with hundreds of animals being affected and several homes being burned. But once the flames had burned themselves out and the heat no longer raged, residents of the Garden Route, both human and animal, were returned to an utterly changed land. A bare, blackened lunar landscape with little resemblance to what it once had been.

The land needed to be revived, regenerated and restored. And though the fires had left behind a trail of destruction it had also left a gift. Ash filled soil is fertile soil and the ground was ready for new growth and life to be planted.

Enter: The Eden Festival of Action.

In 2018, after 6 years of hosting the Festival of Action in Livingstone, Zambia, GreenPop made the decision to move the festival to the Garden Route as this was where action was truly needed and will be returning for their 3rd Eden Festival of Action from June 29th- July 6th this year.

But What is the Eden FOA?

The Eden Festival of Action is a place of learning, (re)connecting with nature and yourself, and most of all, collaborated action for the planet. Built on three main principles – Resilience in Diversity, Strength in Community and Action in Collaboration – the Eden FOA hosts multiple activities and experiences. Plant a diversity of indigenous plants and trees, collaborate on environmental mural paintings, immerse yourself in the abundance of nature, learn new skills through workshops and gain knowledge from insightful guest speakers. And feel empowered to be doing all of this (and more!) with a group of like-minded individuals all taking action for the planet and having the best time doing it!

What Does a Typical Eden FOA Day Look Like?

Wake up within your tent in the early morning to the sound of the camp gong ringing and twittering birds. Get yourself ready for a day of learning and action. If you have time you might just get to watch the sunrise come up over the mountains. Breakfast is a communal experience, with laughter, chatter and warm bowls of porridge (or pancakes!) and hot mugs of tea. Then its time for the day to begin. Whether its a plant day, workshop day, activity day or free day at camp, there is always a new experience to be had. After a beautiful full day of new experiences and adventures its time to wind down for the day. Take part in yoga or meditation, maybe a nature walk or sunset viewing from the treetop platform. Delicious plant based dinners are served followed by the evening activities. Camp fire jams, documentary screenings, speaker evenings, talent shows and post plant day celebrations.

So How Do You Sign Up and Get Involved in the Action?

For all the information on the festival, fees and how to register head to or email

Get a Free Ticket!

Raise trees for fees and earn a free ticket to the Festival of Action. Become a fund-raising activist and raise funds for trees at the FOA, by starting your own online activist page on GivenGain. Raise funds for 80 trees and you'll get a free ticket! Didn't hit your target of 80 trees? Don't worry you'll still receive a discount off your ticket for the money you raised (e.g if you raised 30% of your goal you'll get 30% off your ticket!). All the information can be found here:

Seriously, you guys, have to check out GreenPop and the work they do. Please come and join us at the Eden FOA this year, I've gone to both FOAs here in the Garden Route and its honestly the most incredible experience, I mean I'm returning for the 3rd year in a row, and this time as an ambassador and member of crew, so its gotta be good right!

Wishing you all a beautiful week ahead and I hope to see you there!

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