Know Your Power

Hello friends, today I want to get right on into it and chat a bit about overwhelm. Its something I think we all deal with - probably more than we'd like - especially with such fast paced lives, long working hours and overall stress.

To tell you the truth I've been feeling a bit, (okay maybe a lot!), overwhelmed these last couple days. And let me just quickly pause here to say that overwhelm doesn't always need to be a bad thing. We can feel overwhelmed with happiness, or joy, or gratitude. We can feel overwhelmed because of something good or exciting. January has been one of those months for me, where there is just SO much good stuff happening and so much just moving forward that I almost can't quite wrap my head around it. Its been EXTREMELY busy and I feel like my life is moving at a 100 miles a minute and I'm trying to keep up. Its also been a bit of an emotional roller coaster with so much energy, excitement and hype with everything going on.

It has been a crazy month in the best way possible, I couldn't be more happy, grateful and proud of everything that's happened/is happening and I gladly put all my effort and energy into my projects. But we're all human and sometimes we need time to process. To catch up with ourselves and wrap our heads around life! Especially when things get busy and your to do list never ends, it is so important to take even just 5 minutes to simply check in with yourself.

If you're like me and tend to be a bit of a perfectionist/type A personality, then you can probably relate to the need to do EVERYTHING with 100% effort all the time. I personally like to be on top of everything I need to do and falling behind can really stress me out. But here is my "wow" moment. The little revelation I had the other day and its actually a really good affirmation to repeat if you're feeling overwhelmed and scattered.

"Know what you can do now, and let that be your power"

Know what you can do now, and let that be your power. Trying to do everything at once doesn't always work and sometimes the best thing to do is simply accept where you are in this present moment. Accept the things you can do right NOW and let go of the things you can't. Let go of the things you cannot control.

This seriously helped me so much to just ground down in the present and accept the things I could do in that moment. It simply be moving some of your to-dos to the next day, or even just later in the day. When you accept the things you can do in the present moment it allows you to focus and I don't know about you, but this makes me so much more productive. Instead of trying to do everything at once and multi-task in order to get everything done, rather focus on a single task and you'll probably find it goes a lot quicker.

Anyway, I'm going to stop now, enough rambling from me!

I really hope you found some value in this and maybe something you can relate to, its honestly just a few thoughts from me and I felt like I wanted to share this because it really helped me so much.

Thank you for your time and I'm wishing you a beautiful day.



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