Knysna Unlittered // Island Adventure Clean Up

On Saturday February 8th, people from the Knysna community gathered together for Knysna Unlittered's first clean up of 2020!

It was a beautiful and inspiring morning full of learning, insightful conversation, action for the planet and like minded people. The clean up spanned three different groups - on shore clean up, water clean up and marine life saving. A total of 25 bags of rubbish were collected, with the on shore group heading along the Thesen Harbour Cause Way and down into the marshland. Bottle caps, sweet wrappers, old shoes, and a car boot cover were among the items collected.

Those snorkeling and diving down by the Thesen Harbour Jetties, found a plethora of strange and random items! Aside from the clumps of fishing line entangled with barnacles, several old and decaying camping chairs, an old fishing rod and a big truck tyre, were hauled from the bottom of the Knysna lagoon.

The event saw people of all ages joining in on the action, as well as staff from the various Thesen restaurants who lent a helping hand during the morning's activities

It was a most successful collaborative effort, with The Knysna Basin Project, SANParks Honourary Rangers, Strandloper's Project, and Ocean Odyssey all involved as partners. Special thanks goes to Duran De Villiers from ALTI for filming and editing a fantastic video to capture the event, and Lorraine Cloete for the lovely photos!

The Knysna Unlittered crew have lots more action and clean ups are planned for the year, with the next big clean up being happening on Earth Day April 22nd. For all the news and updates join our Facebook group UNLITTERED.

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