Knysna Unlittered - collaboration for the planet!

Plastic litters our land, clogs our oceans and affects hundreds of thousands of animals per year. From pole to pole, from ice sheets to the bottom of the ocean floor, not one square kilometre of ocean on Earth is plastic free, with studies showing up to 51 million pieces of plastic currently littering the waters.

Here in Knysna the plastic problem has started to become more and more apparent, with litter blocking storm water drains, floating in our rivers and estuary and loads of old and discarded fishing gear wrecking the marine environment, its time we stop COMPLAINING and start DOING. We need to take action for our planet, for the animals, the people and for our town - and this is how Knysna Unlittered was born.

A collaboration between myself (What the Bag?), The Knysna Basin Project, The SANParks Honourary Rangers, The Strandloper's Project, Ocean Odyssey Knysna and more, Knysna Unlittered is an initiative to clean up Knysna - and get the people involved in doing it!

We will be hosting 4-5 clean ups in 2020, all of which will be in theme with important environmental dates (i.e Earth Day or Ocean Week). Each clean up will vary in location and the type of clean up conducted.

Our first clean up will be on February 8th, in honour of World Wetlands Day, and it will be a Island Adventure Clean Up of the Thesen Harbour Jetties in Knysna. We will be cleaning all aspects of the island, with diving and snorkeling to capture all the fishing gear accumulated on the jetties, as well as an on shore clean up of the Thesen Causeway. We will also be cleaning and saving any marine life that have been caught on the fishing gear and waste collected.

We need YOU, the people of Knysna and surrounds, to come and help us clean up the special place we call home. It will be an event for the whole family so bring your kids, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends to make this event a real success! Please RSVP by February 4th, either sign up via the Facebook event or contact me at

If you want to get involved in more action for our planet and future clean ups please join our Facebook group here.

I hope to see you all there, you won't want to miss it!



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