LIFE UPDATE + How to Deal With Things Not Going To Plan

Hello my beautiful people, I hope you are staying well and healthy during this very chaotic time in the world. I know its really scary and stressful but we need to remember to stay present and grateful for the good things in our lives. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed with everything going on, I invite you to join me for the Lights Out Challenge. I was originally going to start the challenge on April 1st and run through the whole month, but I've decided to shift it up and start earlier as I feel with all the "hecticness" happening around us its a perfect time just take that time in the evenings to switch off and be present with ourselves. You can read more about the challenge here or listen to my podcast episode here. The sign up link will be at the bottom of this blog post.

Right, now lets get on with the rest of the blog post!

So I realised that quite a bit has happened in my life in the past month, or at least I've learned quite a lot in this past month, so I thought it would be a perfect time to share a little life update with you all, as well as what I've come to realize over the past month and what really helped me during this time.

To give you a bit of background so this whole story makes sense, I am naturally a very active person. I love movement, I train 5x a week, and I do something called Movant. If you've never heard of it, its like a mix of CrossFit, calisthenics, parkour and martial arts (its the best thing ever!!). I also do Yoga, mobility and flexibility training to improve on my tricks and skills. Oh, and gardening of course, you can't forget them heavy bags of horse manure! Anyway you get the jist, I love being active and naturally am a very active person, so you can imagine how I felt when in February, I pulled a muscle in my back and could barely breathe, let alone train as I usually do, without being in pain.

Yup. That was NOT fun and I was off training (and basically moving) for about 3 weeks, which for me is a long time. I couldn't train (I still went to the studio where I train because its my favourite place in the world, but just sat watched!), couldn't tend to my garden, could barely do yoga, couldn't dance or jump around, climb trees, couldn't do handstands and cartwheels (I love being upside down!). Basically I couldn't do a lot of the things I love doing.

On March 15th I was leaving for my Permaculture Design Course in East London (in South Africa not England!). My pulled muscle had pretty much healed and finally my life was returning to its usual routine. I was so excited for my course, I had already booked and paid for my spot in September last year and the course had originally been scheduled for January 2020 but was moved up to March, so it was safe to say I had waited quite a while and was very ready to go!

Sunday morning March 15th, the day I'm leaving for the course, I wake up with a sore throat and I literally feel the blood draining from my face. Like could the timing be any worse!? I had a headache and could feel my usual sinus symptoms coming in - I didn't feel good at all. I also didn't want to spread anything or make anyone else feel uncomfortable because the COVID-19 alerts were starting to be raised in SA, and I also didn't feel very comfortable to be travelling during this time myself. So I stayed home. My long awaited course forfeited.

I came down with really bad flu and sinus (don't worry not Corona!). I had terrible sinus pain and headaches, my head felt like it was being cracked open and I felt really really crappy. As I write this (I wrote this on Friday March 20th, but you'll only be reading this next week!) its the first day since Sunday that I feel a little normal. My sinus and headache has subsided and I can actually breathe again! This past month has felt like quite the battering and I can't wait to be feeling back to normal again, but - and this might sound strange - but I'm kind of glad with how everything worked out because I realized something that has honestly changed my life and so I really wanted to share it with you all.

"Things don't happen to me, they happen for me".

Now, this is going to sound cliche, but everything happens for a reason and I truly believe that. This past month has allowed me to go inward and work through some personal obstacles. Having had a past of an eating disorder and negative body image/body dysmorphia, it can sometimes be hard for me to accept myself or feel comfortable in my skin. Even though I've worked through so much and come such a long way since then, I still sometimes have days or moments when I don't feel so good in myself and somehow the whole experience of injuring myself and then getting sick has really taught me to look after myself and be kind to myself. I'm a perfectionist and can be really hard on myself sometimes and this past month has taught me to let go a bit and be gentler on myself.

After deciding to stay home from the Permaculture course, the news went out on South Africa's action plan with the Coronavirus. Social distancing, refraining from travel and even travel within the country should be avoided. And suddenly I was really glad to be home, safe and sound with my family. Plus with all the flight cancellations Geoff Lawton (famous permaculturist and one of the main speakers at the course) couldn't even make it into the country, so it turns out it wasn't so bad that I missed it this time around. Luckily the same course (with Geoff Lawton) will be held again in September and the lady that runs it has also given me another course happening next year January for free as a bonus, so I ended up getting a better deal anyway!

So if things hadn't gone they way they had, if I hadn't gotten sick and stayed home, I would have been 700km away from home in East London when the new COVID-19 regulations were put out. I probably wouldn't have felt very comfortable and who knows, maybe I would have gotten sick there and that would have been even worse. If I hadn't injured myself I wouldn't have learned all the lessons I learned. So instead of allowing a negative situation get the better of me I flowed with it and found the gifts it had to offer. The biggest thing that helped me was just repeating the affirmation: "Things don't happen to me, they happen for me". I find it really powerful and it just made everything make sense, if that makes sense!?

So next time you're faced with a tough situation or something doesn't go according to plan, just remember things don't happen to you. Events in life aren't random. Life isn't just throwing whatever it wants at you (even though it sometimes feels like that!), things happen for you. To help you evolve and grow as a person. Things don't happen to me, they happen for me. Repeat that. Things don't happen to me, the happen for me. And see how you feel.

All right my loves, I hope you enjoyed this week's blog post and that you gained something useful out of it.

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Wishing you all the vibrant health in the world! Remember to be gentle on yourself in this time.

Sahara xx

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