No Phone for 48 Hours.....// My Experience with the 48 Hour Challenge

Updated: Jan 1

Hello and happy Monday!

I'm back from the 48 Hour Challenge and so I thought it would be a perfect time to give you guys a little update on it and share my experience, as well as give you some reasons to give it a try yourself.

No Screens for 48 Hours – My Experience

Those of you that follow me on social media will know that I have started taking the 48 Hour Challenge. This is a digital detox challenge created by husband and wife activist duo, Max La Manna and Venetia Falconer. The challenge asks you to switch off your phone for 48 hours over the weekend, starting Friday evening and ending on Monday morning. I have been taking this challenge every weekend for about 2 months now and have honestly been enjoying it so much!

With the growth of my social media platform, blog and creating more content, I have had to spend a lot more time behind my phone or laptop. And don't get me wrong, I love creating content and sharing stuff with you guys, but naturally I'm not such a “screen freak”. Growing up we never had a TV in our household (we still don't) as my mom didn't want to encourage the use of screens for entertainment from such a young age. She always told us we'd get square eyes if we sat behind a screen for too long and I guess that has kind of stuck with me up till now, and being very much an “outdoorsy” active kind of person, I've never really found such a fascination with cell phones or video games like other kids. Fun fact: I got my first cell phone for my 16th birthday last year!

Now, of course, I do spend more time behind a screen creating content, writing emails and all that jazz, and maybe its just me, but I personally feel quite sensitive to the radiation that comes off a phone or laptop. Call me crazy, but if I hold my phone in my hand for more than 20 minutes I can literally start to feel the radiation going through my hand and up into my arm, my arm will start to ache and get heavy. When its really bad, my arm will actually go kind of cold and feel almost like growing pains. I also sometimes get a bit of a headache/neck ache or stingy eyes when I sit behind a screen for a while. I know what you're thinking, I'm insane, but this happens to me and I know a few other people that get it as well and have it even worse than I do. So radiation is real, guys, just because we can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.

Time to Take a Break

Compared to most people who work in offices or kids that play video games the whole day, I don't spend a lot of time behind a screen, but it does still take a up a large portion of my day, and even if you're not on your phone/laptop, it's still kind of there in the back of your mind, right? Messages or emails coming in, and especially when you use these tools for work, you need to be quite alert to whatever news might come in as it could be important. Then you have social media with it's distracting notifications and constantly updating feed. Cell phones were made to be addictive and unfortunately a lot of people get trapped into that addictive cycle, whether its playing a video game or scrolling through social media, people can become stuck on their phones, not realising the amount of time that's passing.

Cell phones are also such a distraction and can keep you from being present in the moment, especially on the weekends when you should be relaxing, spending time with yourself, your family, friends and pets.

Enter, the 48 Hour Challenge

When I started taking this challenge it honestly kind of changed my life. Its hard to explain, but the feeling of just switching off your screens and putting them away on Friday night and only switching them back on on Monday is such an empowering feeling. Its so freeing not to have to carry your phone around with you, worrying if you're going to get a call or message, or if your Instagram post has gotten any likes. It allows you to be creative, present and really enjoy every moment. Now I understand that not all of us can afford to completely switch off our phones, and sometimes I do leave my phone on if I'm making plans with friends or if I'm out and I need to contact my mom. And of course phones are really important tools and allow us to be in contact, especially during emergencies. But I really encourage you to try this challenge or at least do what you can to have less screen time on the weekends. Whether you just switch your phone off for one day instead of two, or at least log out of social media, that way you'll only receive things that may be really important.

Enjoy it!

Take advantage of not having your screens around. Its weekend, its time to let go of your week and your work and be in the present moment. Get outside, be with your family, do something or go somewhere new. Or maybe you just want to chill at home with a book, that's great too, just take some time to be away from you phone/laptop and be in the real world.

Try out the 48 Hour Challenge. Tag @48hourchallenge on Instagram and use the hash tag #Offline48 and make sure to let me know your experience (@saharathagunna on Instagram or @SaharaNaomiThagunna on Facebook).

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Wishing you a beautiful week ahead!


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