THRIFT-ABLE // A Shopping Success!

THRIFT-ABLE, the very first secondhand clothing swap I've hosted was an absolute blast! People came to gather under the beautiful shade of the milkwood tree at The Node, Oaks on Main, Knysna, to upgrade their closets, but with the Earth in mind!

Everyone brought their unwanted clothing and accessory items to swap for other items. The clothes hung from lines in the trees and displayed on tables and in baskets and boxes. Groovy tunes played and there was a truly good feeling in the atmosphere.

We started off with a conversation on consumerism and the impacts of the fast fashion industry. We have more than enough clothes to clothe every person in this world with multiple sets of clothes and yet 85% of our clothes end up in landfill, and thousands of people walk around with a single pair of old ripped pants, no shoes and barely enough to clothe their families as well. Our systems need to change and the fact is that if we all start engaging in new ways of doing things and making small shifts in our realities then we can slowly start to change the greater reality by simply leading by example.

Everyone was divided into two groups (group A and group B), a timer was set for 5 minutes, the music turned up and each group took turns to have 5 minutes to 'search' for 1-2 items and then 5 minutes to try on. We played a couple of rounds and ended with a free round for everyone to browse and try on one last time, but without the timer.

Once everyone had finished we gathered in a big circle and one by one put up the items we got so that the people with items from that person could swap or sell if there wasn't anything to swap, though people mostly gave their items free of charge if there wasn't anything to swap! K-Way down jackets were swapped, Nike leggings for dresses, bikinis for t-shirts, jerseys, ponchos and scarves - everyone came away with some new (old!) items for their wardrobes as well as cleaning out a few of their unwanted items. But most of all you could feel the sense of change, the shift of mindsets, in the air. It made so much sense, why pay more money for new items when you could simply swap your unwanted items for other items that already exist? Why throw away your old clothes when someone else might have value for them?

I feel this was most definitely the first "Thrift-Able" of many more "Thrift-Ables" to come and my hope is to start creating a change in our system right here in the Garden Route! To shift towards circular instead of linear. So join me in this journey and start changing your reality!

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